Excavation Rite

48.5″ x 29.5″

Acrylic, Dye and Dura-lar on Paper

 JessTyler_ Excavation Rite


JessTyler_ Excavation Rite(detail1)

JessTyler_ Excavation Rite(detail2)

JessTyler_ Excavation Rite(detail3)


Expansion – Show in Chicago

Expansion is an exhibition at the Lacuna Artist Lofts’  pop-up gallery;  put together by the lovely Amy Grace-Batzell.

The show opened October 13th and will have another reception as part of Chicago’s Second Saturday event on December 8th.

Lacuna Artist Lofts
2150 S. Canalport Ave.
Chicago IL, 60608