Upcoming Group Show in L.A.

VSA group showI am excited to be apart of the VSA Group Exhibition at the Keystone Gallery in Los Angeles. This show will include artwork from over 20 amazing artists. For more information and artist list click here.

New website in the works!

As part of my journey to LA, I have started to learn how to code and design websites. My first website will be a new hub for my artwork, something in which I will use to professionally showcase my artwork. I will keep this blog to show off my procedures and techniques, along with details of upcoming pieces and news items.


Foundry Nights #13

I have an installation tonight at Foundry Nights!
I only had two and half weeks to make and install it. But I am happy with how it turned out! Come check it out!
Pictures to follow soon.
Check out the information on their website:
Foundry Nights #13


835 Carleton Street, Berkeley CA, $15. 21+