Canvas Project

I am apart of the Canvas Project through the Art House Co-op.

The Canvas Project Volume 3

” Each person interprets the same word differently. Some factors include native language, geographic location, age, and general view of the word.

We’re creating a visual encyclopedia where each artist is asked to visually interpret three words that are assigned to them randomly and were submitted by the Art House community onto 4×4 inch canvases. A visual encyclopedia book will then be created that includes at least one canvas from each artist. An exhibition will be held at The Brooklyn Art Library on December 3rd, 2010.

The goal of this project is to create Volume 2 of the encyclopedia. The first volume was exhibited at the Hartsfeld-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, GA from July to September of 2009 as well as turned into the first volume of the book. “

Here are my three interpretations of Installed, Ripe and Mad.


4″ x 4″ Acrylic, collage on canvas

Detail from side.


4″ x 4″ Oil and Cold Wax on canvas


4″ x 4″ Oil on Canvas

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